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Your apartment, house or any other room is the space of your memories and at the same time, an intimate enviroment for your personal history. Therefore, the way these areas are, and what is found insides very essential. The light, the atmosphere, the scent of the place, the taste of the memories.. all remains in our minds and determines the sensation of our lives.

If we take a perspective or retrospective look at the biggest Slovak neighborhood in Bratislava, the “Petrzalka”, it seems obvious that this area with more then 130,000 inhabitants is real behive or better, a slide show gallery. Tightly packed, twelve story, concrete apartment buildings stretch long across the Bratislava horizon, just across the Danube river from the city center. This stretch of land imidiately borders with Hungary and Austria.

Project Petržalka Identity don’t just percieve the urban conditions, but most of all the human beings in the middle of the quickly developt communist housing project. What impact does it have on a human being’s future? How does a human make room and how does the room make a human? How far can the relationship between a human and their living space develop and what influence do they have on each other?

Already a third generation lives in Petrzalka. The older pass away and the young born. An entirely new history unfolds, visible not only from the outside, but mainly from inside. From the space these people live and hide in we begin a sociological study interpreted in an artistic way.

This project asks questions the audience seeks answers to. Capturing life conditions and human face in the flats areas that are just a sample of a giant satelite. Projects like this are found ewerywhere in the world in great capitals, or smaller cities, but the “uniqueness” of Petrzalka mainly rests upon its social diversity.